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Hi Swaboutphotoeet Sister!

You are an answered prayer, a gift to me – did you know? I grew up with three brothers and always wanted a sister. How wonderful that, in the family of God, we belong to each other. Soul sisters understand, encourage, and comfort each other.

So how should I describe myself to you? I am a wife and mother of three adult children (two daughters and a son) and the owner of a few preschools. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a Master’s degree in Education. I  lead a women’s prayer and bible study group called – you guessed it- Sweet Sisters! We come from all different denominations and backgrounds and unite together with the goal of growing closer to Jesus and pointing others to Him.

I hope and pray that my words bring you comfort, encouragement, and Joy. Most of all, I hope that I point you to the One who gives these things so fully. I know personally the comfort of God’s presence, as I held my premature daughter years ago as she breathed her last breath, after spending 40 days in the NICU. I also understand the struggles of motherhood from frustrating toddlers to emotional teenagers to now the joy of experiencing the process of childhood once again, since I am a MiMi to two amazing grandchildren.   I hope you will learn from my many mistakes, as well as from my victories. My joys include a beautiful marriage of 32 years, and a fulfilling career supporting young children and their families. My failures and quirks? I guess you will need to subscribe to read all about them:)

Our journey can feel so lonely at times. Let’s walk through the highs and lows together, hand-in-hand, as sweet, soul sisters should.

Your Forever Sister,


48 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I am thrilled and excited to see where God will take you on your new endeavor!
    To wait in anticipation to see how many brothers and sisters will ultimately find encouragement, wisdom, guidance and direction as you share your heart and the Word of God with us.
    As well as those who will place their trust and open their hearts to Jesus as they mediate on your written words as led by the Holy Spirit.
    May God continue to bless you abundantly and increase your territory through this blog (the prayer of Jabez) .
    ? Love you!

    1. thank you Cindy….my sweet sister..how fitting that you should make my first comment…and such an encouraging one too!
      Love you !

  2. Amber- so excited to be a part of this group once again 🙂 This is a blessing to me as I always find encouragement when I am near you. May the Lord continue to guide you and bless you one hundred fold for sharing His love with us. You are truly one of the most generous people I have had the pleasure to know! Thank you for your friendship!

    1. My sweet Chrisie,
      How your comments have blessed my day! You are one of the hero’s that I was writing about…..your dedication to your family and to the church is just beautiful to behold. keep shining !

  3. Hi Amber,
    I miss you and all of my sisters from HdG. Love having this as a new way to connect with you (and other sisters in Christ). BTW- the best way I’ve found to keep spiritually fit is to meet with a spiritual director monthly. Besides the accountability, it pushes me little by little, outside of my “much too comfortable”comfort zone.

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      How wonderful to hear from you and to peruse your blog. (very beautiful) I was so saddened to read about you cancer story….I have a dear friend who will benefit from all you have learned so thank you so much for sharing. You have always been a spiritual role model to me and I look forward to reading more and gleaming from all of you wisdom and insight.

  4. Hi Amber,
    What a great blog! I’m so proud of you and with all God is doing in your life and through you! You have inspired and encouraged me for many years. I’m glad God has brought us together. I always think of the day when you and MaryJoe came to my house to welcome me to the neighborhood with a pie! You’re a wonderful friend and sister in Christ! To God be the glory!

    1. Thank you my sweet sis sue! What a gift you have been to not only me but to my children and Sally as well. You inspire me and Micheal is such a testimony of how a mother’s love and sacrifice will produce good fruit.

  5. It was a blessing to talk with you last night! I am looking forward to reading your reflections! Thank you for nurturing this community of sisters.

    1. Oh Paula …what a gift your voice is to me…your heart is so big and soft and I know you always what to please the Lord. I pray we have more sweet fellowship soon…if you would like to join a sweet sister meeting ….let me know. We meet Monday evenings…we have a new semester in January…His, Amber

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