When You Need a True Friend



Dear Sweet Sister:

What is a true Friend? I propose that a true friend is like a chocolate covered pretzel. (How I wish you were with me so I could give you one… is your mouth watering like mine?)

At times we need to be as sweet as the delicious chocolate coating as we give our friends encouragement, comfort, hope and hugs.  At other times, we need to be as the preserving salt as we remind our sisters of the “Salt Covenant” used in the Middle East.  God required that salt would be added to any offering or sacrifices in the Old Testament as the preserving (loyalty) quality of salt reminded God and His people to keep their promises to each other.  Sometimes we need to be that salty honest nudge to urge our sisters to stay true to their “Yes”  to God to follow Him and lead a holy life so that those around our tables would become thirsty.  (Would you like some water, tea or coffee with that chocolate covered pretzel?)  

Salt makes food taste better too. Even chocolate… yummmmm. How true is the Swedish proverb, “Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief.” 

So will you join us sweet sister? As the wise book of Proverbs promises, true friends sharpen each other to lead more purposeful lives as wives, mothers, friends, daughters as well as shine within our careers.  

As Iron Sharpens Iron, so one Sister sharpens another.   Proverbs 27:17

We are Soul Sistas, Sweet sisters, the best kind of sisters.
Sacred Sisters in the family of God.
We all  love Jesus and want to grow to be more like Him.
But spiritual sisters don’t need to attend the same church or denomination
God sprinkles us sisters out all over the earth in different denominations, work and home situations.
Our Father has given us all unique gifts and Talents.
Sweet and salty sisters. Sprinkled out of God’s gigantic saltshaker.
So many different paths our heavenly Father has chosen for each one of us.
However, one common denominator exists for all of us Sistas,
The most important decision one can make on this earth.
Our decision to say “Yes” to following Jesus.
Jesus is The Way.
Therefore, our different paths will one day all converge in the same place –
Our heavenly home.
Let us encourage each other to complete the “Yes” we made on the unique path that God has given each one of us.

So come join us, Sweet and Salty Sister.  We need you. We need each other.
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