Amber O’Brien Shares Her Eternal Love Story Day #37 Purpose Driven Life

Can I share my eternal love story with you? My testimony part of my life message?  Just 3 minutes and I believe it could change your life. Eternally change your life.

Day #37

Write out your testimony and then memorize the main points.

Divide it into four parts:

  1. What my life was like before I met Jesus
  2. How I realized I needed Jesus
  3. How I committed my life to Jesus
  4. The difference Jesus has made in my life.

I would love to hear your story Sweet Sister. No one else has the story you have.  Your story is as special as you are. This is the most important story you can leave behind for you family.   Please share it with me and your sweet sisters on our facebook community page.

2 thoughts on “Amber O’Brien Shares Her Eternal Love Story Day #37 Purpose Driven Life”

  1. Thank you Amber for being a wonderful inspiration for me and others.

    My life was like before I met Jesus was in shambles. I was young and in an abusive situation. Everything around me was dark and scary. I was lost.

    I realized I needed Jesus when I was in a children’s home after several foster homes and going to different churches. I found Jesus when I was 16. I had been found and loved by my true father.

    I need to be committed to Jesus and be his light for him. I know he is committed to me. I feel I lack in this area and need help.

    The difference Jesus has made in my life is remarkable. He has given me so much. A family of my own in which I have prayed for since I have found Jesus, given me skills to teach children, and to be a good wife and a wonderful mother. I am so blessed to have a life in which I live.
    Thank you Amber for giving me an opportunity to share.

    1. Hi Cathy! You have an amazing testimony and I am so excited for you to write it out in more detail.
      Writing is so therapeutic and so I am sure God wants to heal you deeper through writing this out as well as help others. Maybe commit to sitting down for a half hour a day or writing 500 words….
      Little reachable goals will add up to a final big goal of a book.
      You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

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